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专业手机棋牌游戏下载: Charity fair to be held Sept. 20-22

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Focusing on targeted poverty alleviation, the Sixth China Charity Fair officially kicks off at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in Futian District today.

As a national and comprehensive event for the charity industry in China, the three-day fair is set up in two halls in the convention and exhibition center, showcasing projects as well as products related to poverty alleviation.

Hall 1 is a themed venue for targeted poverty alleviation. It has an area displaying the achievements of brand projects and an exhibition area for promoting projects that are oriented toward areas stricken by extreme poverty.

Meanwhile, there are also nine thematic exhibition areas in Hall 1, covering the fields of education, health, industry, science and technology, ecology, entrepreneurship and international public welfare. In this venue, residents can get a glimpse of innovative charity projects, as well as cutting-edge ideas on public welfare.

Hall 6, the consumption hall, aims to encourage residents to purchase products from poverty-alleviation projects in order to assist the development of poverty-stricken areas.

“The total exhibition area of this year’s fair is over 37,000 square meters. We have selected 789 institutions, 876 projects and 312 consumer products out of the 2,147 declared projects and institutions,” said Ling Chong, chief of the city’s social organization bureau, at a press conference yesterday.

“In addition to exhibitions, we will also hold 15 information-sharing activities, six meetings, 36 roadshows and 12 salons,” said Ling.

Residents can obtain free registration codes for the fair by following the WeChat account of China Charity Fair, “cncf2014.” Additionally, residents must bring their ID card and show the registration code to enter the venue.

First launched in 2012, the fair aims to build a platform for philanthropic exchanges and promote the effective matching of the needs of poverty-stricken areas with social resources.

The Sixth China Charity Fair is hosted by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Guangdong Provincial Government, the Shenzhen Municipal Government, and the China Charity Alliance.


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